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Achillea Sunny Seduction

Achillea Sunny Seduction

Plant Patent #20,808

Easy-to-grow perennial boasts showy, soft yellow flowers that offer a cool look to the summer garden. Fast-growing clumps of ferny, gray-green leaves form a compact, spreading mound, perfect for massed plantings. Flowers may be cut and dried for bouquets. From Rozanne and Friends™.

$29.99 /Each. 2 gallon
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Achillea millefolium, commonly called common yarrow, is a rhizomatous, spreading, upright to mat-forming perennial that is considered by many to be an aggressive weed. Common yarrow from Europe and Asia was originally introduced to America in colonial times, and has since naturalized throughout the U. S. primarily along roadsides, fields, waste areas and lawns. These species plants are noted for producing deeply-dissected, fern-like, aromatic, medium green foliage and tiny, long-lasting, white flowers that appear in dense, flattened, compound corymbs (to 2-4” across) throughout the summer on stems typically rising 2-3’ tall. Foliage has a strong, somewhat spicy aroma that persists when used in dried arrangements. Species plants are uncommonly sold in commerce, however. It is the cultivars and hybrids of common yarrow, most of which have stronger stems, more upright habits and larger flowers, that have become popular flowering plants for ornamental gardens. Cultivars also extend the range of flower colors to include pinks, reds, creams, yellows and bicolor pastels.

Genus name is in reference to Achilles, hero of the Trojan Wars in Greek mythology, who used the plant medicinally to stop bleeding and to heal the wounds of his soldiers.

Specific epithet means thousand-leaved in reference to the foliage.

Common yarrow has a large number of additional common names, including milfoil, thousandleaf, soldier’s woundwort, bloodwort, nose bleed, devil’s nettle, sanguinary, old-man’s-pepper and stenchgrass.

‘Sunny Seduction’ is a naturally-occurring mutation of Achillea millefolium ‘Summer Pastels’ that was developed in the Netherlands by Dr. Elisabeth Sahin-Georgiadou and introduced by Blooms of Bressingham. It is part of the Seduction™ series and is sturdy and compact with a long blooming season. ‘Sunny Seduction’ has bright lemon yellow flowers that fade to pastel yellow as they age. It grows 1.5 to 2.5 ft. in height and 1 to 2 ft. in width. U.S. Plant Patent 20,808 issued March 2, 2010.


Common Name Yarrow
Type Perennial
Grow Zone 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8
Bloom Time Summer
Flower Color Yellow
Light Requirement Full Sun
Watering Needs Average
Maintenace Easy