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Azalea Nancy of Robin Hill

Azalea Nancy of Robin Hill


A Robin Hill hybrid with low growth habit. Light pink, double hose-in-hose flowers with a red blotch bloom in mid-spring. A very showy and hardy variety.

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This Robin Hill azalea bears showy clusters of large light purplish-pink flowers in late spring. The ruffled, wide-flaring, double or semi-double flowers are hose-in-hose (two "stacked" whorls of petals). They often have burgundy spotting. The low broad mounded plants are densely furnished with small elliptic glossy-green leaves.
A group of evergreen azaleas developed by Robert Gartrell of New Jersey, Robin Hill Hybrids combine the large flowers of tender azalea hybrids with the cold-tolerance of hardy hybrids.
Robin Hill azaleas prefer sites with partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist but well-drained. Plant them shallowly and mulch well to conserve moisture and suppress weeds. They prefer warm summers and cool winters and require some winter cold for good growth. The flower buds develop in summer for the following spring’s display, so prune shortly after flowering, if necessary. Ideally, place them where they have room to grow to full size.
Robin Hill azaleas work well massed or as specimens in woodland gardens, mixed borders, foundation plantings, and containers Common Name: evergreen azalea


Common Name Azalea
Type Evergreen , Flowering Shrub , Shrub
Grow Zone 5 , 6 , 7 , 8
Bloom Time Spring
Flower Color Pink
Light Requirement Part Shade
Watering Needs Average
Maintenace Easy