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Potentilla Goldfinger

Potentilla Goldfinger


A versatile small shrub producing large rich yellow buttercup-like flowers. Fine textured foliage on a mounding form. Use as a colorful accent in shrub borders.

$74.99 /Each. 3 gallon
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Shrubby cinquefoil or bush cinquefoil is a vigorous, floriferous, many-branched, deciduous shrub of the rose family that typically grows in a bushy mound to 2-4’ tall. It is a circumpolar species that is native to northern parts of the U. S. (south in the Sierras and Rockies) as well as parts of Canada, Europe and Northern Asia. It features saucer-shaped, five-petaled, bright yellow flowers (to 1.5” diameter) and compound pinnate leaves (each primarily with 5 leaflets, but occasionally with 3 or 7). Flowers (solitary or in small terminal cymes) appear over a long late spring through summer bloom period. The common name of cinquefoil is in reference to the leaves (cinqmeans five andfoilmeans leaf).Fruticosameans shrublike. Additional common names include yellow rose, fivefingers, golden hardhack and widdy. This plant is considered synonymous with Dasiphora floribunda.


Common Name Shrubby Cinquefoil
Type Deciduous Shrub , Flowering Shrub , Shrub
Grow Zone 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7
Bloom Time Summer
Flower Color Yellow
Light Requirement Full Sun , Part Shade , Part Sun
Watering Needs Average
Maintenace Easy